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La Cream - Sound & Vision (1999)

09 Авг 2005, 20:59

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La Cream - Sound & Vision (1999)

Label:Dr. Records

Сегодня предлагаем вашему вниманию единственный альбом проекта La Cream. Этот альбом уже не является классическим Eurodance, оно и понятно: в 99-м году этот стиль уже практически умер. Евродэнс в нём разбавлен трансовым звучанием, получилась помесь Eurodance и Eurotrance. Альбом просто отличный, я думаю, всеми любителями такой музыки он будет оценён на пять с плюсом. Cool

Production : Dr Records (directed by Dr Alban ).
The name is originally the name of the producer group that has made songs and remixes for many bands. La is a feminine article in French language and because Tess is singing in French and English it suits the songs.
The Swedish duo La Cream consisting of songstress/dancer Tess and DJ/producer Andrez , hit the charts again with their second single You. Their strong position on the Swedish Dance Chart shows a good grip on the DJ?s also this time. The big step on the Music Control Radio Chart has created just the position that the duo wanted. La Cream will most certainly be this years most successful artists in the category commercial dance music. You'll find both singles on La Creams debut album that'll be released in all of Scandinavia.
Tess and Andrez met at Dr Records studio while they both were working with different projects. Meanwhile they got to know each other, and with Tess stagehabit combined with Andrez producer and DJ experience it turned out to be a 'hit'. They decided to bring out multicultural modern music so the lyrics contains a mixture of French, Spanish and English. In May?98 they worked in the studio and the result came out as their debut single Chateau d?Amour.
The cover of Dr. Alban's hit This Time I'm Free called Free adds to their their singles : 'It's a very special track for me personally. When it was released in 1994 I was working as a dancer. I've danced a lot that song. No artists have had the opportunity to make cover of Dr. Alban's tracks. I really appreciated it when he said that I can do a cover of his old songs if I want to. He likes this project and me as an artist and believes in us so we had the chance to make it' says Tess.
c Dr Records


Someone on the list wrote that Nana Hedin does all the vocals on the La Cream track and that Tess was just the face, but that is not true. Nana wasn't involved at all on any tracks from Tess and La Cream.....Nana has only done the vocals on the tracks from E-Type, Dr. Alban and Stakka Bo....
All tracks on the La Cream album are sung by Tess and additional vocals are done by Monica Lцfgren, Jenny & Jessica Appelgren, Pernilla Bjerkenbrant,
Martina Edhoff & Sandra Bernhard.
The producer of La Cream is Ari Lehtonen, and he is an interesting guy. He produced all tracks on the album exept for Bells Of Life, which is produced by Elephant and Castle, which also had a clubhit in Sweden, 1998, but were soon forgotten, and the track "Hold You" which is produced by Red Top, who also made a remix for Richie Me - Inside Of Me.
Anyway, Ari has also produced the tracks from Finnish group Waldos People and every maxi-cd from Waldos People featured remixes from JS 16 & Darude.
Ari also produced the great track "Your Lovin" by Booster, which was the theme of a PC game, released in 1998. This is still among the best tracks produced by Ari Lehtonen. He and Herbie, were also the jury for the Swedish Popstars two years ago, and they also wrote and produced the album which the winning talents from Popstars got a chance to make.
The reason why the solo album by Tess, is not so good as the La Cream album, is because most of the tracks on that album are produced by C&N project. Ari Lehtonen did only produce the track "Justify My Love" which is in my opinion the best and strongest track on that album. It's the only track that can be matched with the tracks from the La Cream album.
"Justify My Love" was also relased on a special Dj Edtion maxi-cd including trance mixes from Nello and others. This maxi-cd is very rare and hard to find, and costs up to 35$ to buy at
That is quite expensive for a maxi-cd.....
The new track from Tess - The Second You Sleep, isn't produced by either Ari or C&N project, it's produced by Martin Hanzйn & Jimmy Thцrnfeld.
However.....there is one track on the La Cream album named "Free" and that track is a re-make of the same track by Dr. Alban, which he released in 1995, and on THAT track, Nana Hedin does the vocals, but this was long before La Cream was even born. So, Nana doesn't do any of the vocals on any of the La Cream tracks, including the track "Free" which is featured on the album.
All tracks from La Cream are also recored in the studio of Dr. Alban....

01. Intro (0:38)
02. Chateau D'Amour (3:18)
03. You (3:07)
04. Free (3:10)
05. Incendio (3:27)
06. Say Goodbye (3:22)
07. Bells Of Life (3:59)
08. Playing With Fire (3:39)
09. In Your Eyes (4:14)
10. Hold You (4:06)
11. Dance (3:22)
12a. A.K.A Megamix Edit (5:44)
12b. Silence Dedicated To Dennis Pop
Total Time: 44:22

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La Cream - Sound & Vision (1999)

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